Upturned Cab

When crossing Regent Street one Friday night, my passengers and I took a deep breath on seeing this upturned cab and hoped the driver and passengers were alright, the next day, I received a call from a friend who mentioned that he had been involved in an accident in Regent Street the night before, it was his cab I had photographed!! Thankfully, both driver and pasengers were unhurt.



I picked up a lady who had been to London for the day, she had her hair & nails done, when we reached her destination it was raining, as she paid me through the partition from the back of the cab i could see her thinking 'I'm going to get my hair wet' before i could offer her an umbrella, she took off her jumper, put it over her head, said thanks and ran off showing me and her neighbors her smalls, so i snapped it!



Driving down Shaftsbury Avenue, the young lady in the back asked if I would pull over outside the Shaftsbury Theatre so that she could grab a quick Hamburger from a stall, I explained there was no eating in the back of the cab but she insisted I stopped even if it ment terminating the journey, so I  pulled up as requested, on doing so she asked me if I could see the man who's selling the food, looked to the right and photographed what we saw... the lady quickly lost her appetite and politely asked if I would continue with the journey!


Out Of Service

Rickshaw driver being booked. Speeding... dangerous driving? The back wheel suggests some kind of misadventure.

photo rickshaw