Dear Dominic,

You picked me up from Kings Cross this week and during the journey to Barnes we talked about your exhibition. I have spent the last hour or so browsing the web site and loved the photographs. . . . especially London at night and the bridges. I always take the Embankment route home from Westminster just to see the river and bridges illuminated at night. Hope the exhibition continues to do well. Many thanks for capturing and sharing the magic.
Gina Banns (Putney)

Hi Dominic,

What can I say! These are terrific photos. Keep up the good work. By the way, heard your interview on 5 Live the other night - you came across really good... and modest with it. Nice website too. 
Gerry (Glasgow)

So I just googled you

and I'm on the computer for the last hour. You are everywhere........... Just checked your site and we were talking to a friend of ours last night who is a taxi driver and loves the camera so we told him to check out your website. His name is xxxxx xxxxx just in case he contacts you. Your site looks really good. Delighted that everything is going so well for you. 
Suzanne (Ireland)


Really good to speak with you a little while ago. The website looks fantastic, really professional and I loved the photos – would be great to get a ride in your cab and see you at work some time. 
Nick (Brixton)

Hi Dom,

I just looked at your website. Fantastic. Congratulations on some wonderful photos. A singular vision. You have caught the city in all its beauty and sadness. I am an artist and also love the city of London. I wish you success.

Hi Dom,

Just been on to your website and its great! Im so pleased for you and delighted we have a famous cousin keep up the good work. CONGRATULATIONS
Love Pat and Stephen (Dublin Ireland)


I have no qualifications to comment on art but I really like your photos. I live in Edinburgh and would love to see your photos displayed up here.
Cheers for reading Stu

Hey Dominic,

I must say that it was great to meet with you at your exhibition whilst I was over in the UK. Your photojournalist concept is amazing. I cannot stop telling my friends over here. If I can help with anything from my side for your site, please do not hesitate to contact me. Stay well and keep on snapping.
Regards and bets wishes,
Gavin Withers LPPSA (South Africa)

Hi Dominic,

You picked me up from Paddington to 40 College Crescent last Wednesdey and I finally get to go on internet; I told you I was a photographer too; I'm not disappointed; I think your photographs are great, non judgemental, genuine and somehow there's a peaceful atmosphere getting out of them as if to say "everything is at it's place" (that's the most surprising for me); that must be because they are not loaded with the usual male photographer's ego. Try more black&white and I think there could be a real poetry getting out of them; As a new comer in town, they are a real source of inspiration.
Keep on and best of luck.

Hi Dominic,

Like so many of the other comments, you also picked me up this week. We travelled from Euston to the City Inn on Monday evening and talked about our shared love of photography.

In short, I love them. We talked about 'style' during our journey and how, like with writers, you can recognise a photographer by his or her style. The style of yours I'm particularly struck by isn't just the gritty ones, it's the ones where your wing mirror just features, reminding the viewer who the photographer is; a London cabbie. That the content of the photos is so great is a bonus!

I think my absolute favourite though, minus wing mirror I think, is the kid on a scooter going across the pedestrian crossing. Love it. You clearly have a gift and an eye for great structure.
Keep on clicking, you have my support!
Best regards


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