Living in Camden Town, I've been working as a licensed London Taxi Driver for many years, and have been photographing London life from the seat of my cab. Actually, it all started with an accident where I thought; if only I had a camera to record the position of my cab and other vehicle. So the next day, I bought a disposable camera and although I'd never been interested in photography before, found myself photographing what seemed just random pictures of London, the sort of things we see every day. I then bought myself a camera phone, then a digital camera and as I was driving all over London, I kept photographing the city as I saw it.

I used to show passengers prints I had put into an alburn, which they seemed to enjoy mainly because they said they were seeing London through the eyes of a cabbie... even mentioning that I should exhibit them. My response was “yeah, maybe” and thought no more of it but after several years, I finally put a collection of prints into a photo book which I showed to a local Camden photographic studio. They gave me wall space to exhibit them... the exhibition 'LONDON through the eyes of a CABBIE CABARAZZI' runs from 17th July until the 17th August 2008 at Kodak Express, 75 Camden High St NW1.

Dominic Shannon